Carola Moosbach

Weitere Bücher

Gottflamme Du Schöne

London, 2002
128 pages, £ 8.99

Traces of Heaven

In this collection of prayers, Carola Moosbach takes her readers on a journey of discovery. She invites us to find 'traces of heaven' where we do not expect them. She shares her own experiences of circling 'godwards', of struggling with open questions, with her own suffering and that of others, and of the deep joy of finding traces of God in unexpected places. Carola Moosbach re-traces parts of her own journey of rediscovering prayer, of learning to pray afresh and of finding a new way to God and with God. God, so Carola Moosbach is the nourishing bread that wants to be shared among those who need her. As one who has discovered the love of God in her own life, she invites others to share her journey, to travel their own journeys with God and towards God.

Natalie K. Watson


Sunday Prayer

Tell us God about the beginning of the world
how you gave birth to the stars
in a wild dance and interwove humans
with sky and earth
Whisper your silver dreams
into our weary everyday ears
Tell us your stories anew
about searching and finding about reaping and sharing
about the promised land behind time
Your truth draw into our rent hearts
speak your love into our loneliness God
and your faithfulness into our frightened lives
Grant us God the lightness of your blessing

© C. Moosbach 2002
Translation: Natalie K. Watson


Repentance for Women

The arguments
not to evade
to speak loud and clearly
even when it matters
the false smile
off the face
and to call
the crude jokes what they are
not to run away
into an inner emigration
not to be afraid
of power
and never to forget
who created us
in her image

© C. Moosbach 2002
nach obenTranslation: Natalie K. Watson

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